Upcoming Events 

Saturday, December 1st 8PM

December's 24 Karat Close-up show will feature two magicians.  Mr. Bill Wisch will be our headliner-opening act-Joe Garsetti.

bill wisch cartoon

"Bill Wisch is an outstanding platform and close-up magician, one of the best sleight-of-hand men in the business…he is a quiet fellow who has mastered the most important concepts of fooling the mind and will baffle you with some of the best manipulative magic you're likely to see. Egoists may provide the flash and noise, but magicians like Bill Wisch add dignity to the art."  

                                                                                              --- Karl Fulves – Genii Magazine - September, 1984

All seats $15

Please email or text 973-769-2893 for information and reservations.



Vintage Costume Jewelry Show

Saturday, December 1st, 9 AM-1 PM  (held the first Saturday of every month)

Dazzling vintage costume jewelry from 1880 to 1980 in mint condition – attractive and appealing to both the collector and buyer.

All shows are open to the public – no fee and handicap accessible

For more information contact Joyce Simmons at moc.oohay@ojsnommis