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Saturday, July 6 @ 8 PM

24 Karat Magic-Lindsey Noel and Francis Menotti


All with a wink, some laughs, and an onslaught of rapid-fire banter, Lindsey Noel and Francis Menotti take their 30 years of stage and magical production experience to read your minds, challenge your reality, and throw you into an adventure in amazement.  

Francis was one of the firsts magicians to fool Penn and Teller on their hit show “Fool Us" and together they worked behind the scenes making all the magic for ABC’s magical crime drama, Deception.  

Astounding audiences from New York to LA and everywhere in between, this magical couple present a unique experience every time they take the stage.  All seats: $20-Refreshments available and please feel free to bring your own.  Call 973-769-2893 for reservations-tickets available on Brown paper tickets-click the link below.